The University of Toronto Drama Coalition, referred to as “the Coalition”.

I. Purpose:
The purpose of the Coalition is to stimulate interest in performing arts within the University community and foster relationships between various dramatic groups/clubs through its Festival, annual Dougies Awards Ceremony, and subsequent activities.

II. Running Year:

1. The Coalition’s year shall begin on May 1st of each year and shall conclude on April 30th. The Executive for any one year shall remain in office until the official end of that year, when the Executive-elect automatically assumes office.

2. The fiscal year shall be concurrent with the Coalition’s year. All expenditures must be made within the fiscal year only. There shall be no retroactive expenditures.

III. Membership:
1. All undergraduate and graduate students and University faculty, staff and alumni shall have the right to participate in all of the Coalition’s activities and shall be eligible to run for any position stipulated in Section IV, subject to its conditions. Participation in any Coalition event or attendance at the first general meeting of the Coalition grants the individual general membership.

2. General members have voting and nominating rights.

3. An associate member shall have the right to participate in all of the Coalition’s activities. He/She shall not have any voting or nominating rights, and shall not be eligible for any office of the Coalition. Anyone not of the university community may become an associate member of the Coalition with the approval of the Executive.

4. Drama Coalition memberships consists of a Executive Committee and General Members.

IV. Executive Committee

1. The Executive of the Coalition shall be composed of:
a) President
b) Vice – President / Treasurer
c) 1 – 2 Festival Coordinators
d) 1 – 2 Awards Coordinators
e) Communications Manager
f) 1 – 2 Elected Representatives from each recognized group/club.
g) Staff Representative from Hart House Theatre
h) Each year’s Coalition Exec may choose to appoint the following roles if they see fit: Secretary, Treasurer, Alumni Advisor

  1. The Executive must be composed of at least 50%+1 students of the University of Toronto.
  1. The Executive shall be the controlling body of the Coalition. It will have full control of the choice of activities, the budget, and all other matters of the Coalition’s affairs. It is responsible to the Coalition as a whole.
  1. Elections of the Members of the Executive:

a) The President of the Coalition shall be elected from past Executives by a majority vote by preferential ballot at the last executive meeting of the Coalition in April. The President must be a student for the period of his/her presidency.
b) Positions (1b) through (1e) shall be filled by any member in a majority vote by preferential ballot at the last general meeting of the Coalition in April.
c) Elected Representatives (1f) from each recognized group are selected by their respective group / club/society.
d) The Hart House Theatre Representative shall be appointed by the Hart House Theatre General

  1. Duties of the Members of the Executive:

a) The President shall act as Chairperson of all meetings and shall have the power to vote on any motion or in any election only in the case of a tied vote.
b) An exec member shall take minutes, and be responsible for the upkeep of archival records and the notification of all of the Coalition’s meetings.
c) The Treasurer shall be in charge of the management of the Coalition’s finances. They shall present a budget and a financial statement at the beginning and end of each fiscal year.
d) The Festival Coordinator(s) are jointly responsible for monitoring the Rules and Regulations of the Drama Festival, determining its schedule and play order, and proper delegation of tasks to corresponding subcommittees.
In addition, they are jointly responsible for the organization of the Festival Workshop.
e) The Awards Coordinator(s) are jointly responsible for monitoring the Rules and Regulations of the Drama Coalition Awards, coordinating voting meetings and procedures, ensuring eligibility of nominees, and coordinating the event itself.
f) The Hart House Theatre Representative shall act as liaison between the Coalition and Hart House Theatre.
h) Group / Club / Society Representatives shall ensure that they fulfill their duties as delineated in the Festival and Awards Packages.


  1. The Executive shall have the right to form any subcommittee that it deems necessary at any time and subsequently choose its members.

a) The Organizing Committee consists of members (1a) – (1h) and meets separately from the executive to facilitate executive meeting organization, website and social media updates, drama festival, coalition awards, and social events.

  1. Each recognized group/club representative must sit upon one or more subcommittees.
  2. No executive meeting shall convene without a quorum of a majority of voting members. Of the voting members present, a majority must be composed of students.
  3. Proxy votes are permissible in writing and shall be given directly to the Chair.

V. Finances:
1. One signing officer, the Hart House Theatre Manager.
2. Organizing committee must ensure that all transactions are concurrent with the Executive year and completed by year-end.
3. The President and Treasurer must approve all expenditures.
4. Coalition shall strive to maintain a positive financial position.
5. Financial statements and records shall be maintained/presented by the treasurer.

VI. Meetings:
1. Two annual general meetings for the general theatre community.
2. Bi-Weekly meetings of the executive and additional meetings as necessary.
3. Sub-Committee meetings as needed.

VII. Elections:

  1. Eligibility to nominate, and to vote, for non-appointed Coalition Executive positions, with the exception of Presidency, shall be open to all members of the Coalition.
  2. All elected Executive positions shall be filled by preferential ballot.
  3. Elections shall be conducted in the order in which the positions are listed in Part IV, Section 1. Every candidate shall be nominated and seconded by a member of the Coalition.
  4. The President shall cast a vote only in the event of a tie.
  5. The President and Hart House Representative shall conduct the counting of the ballots.
  6. Immediately after each election, the President shall announce the result.
  7. Any member of the Executive may succeed him or herself or may be elected to any other Executive position.
  8. No one person shall hold more than one Executive position, either elected or appointed.
  9. A non-appointed Executive position vacated at any point during the year shall be filled by a preferential ballot election at a meeting.

VIII. Regulations:

  1. The authorization of the Executive must be obtained before the following expenditures may be made:
  2. a) Those exceeding the approved budget.
  3. b) Any expense not covered in the budget.
  4. The Executive shall determine ticket-sale policy, admission prices, and performance dates and times for all productions in the Coalition’s annual festival.
  5. The Treasurer shall submit a budget for the approval of the Executive at the beginning of each year, and shall present financial statements to the Coalition at the last meeting.
  6. The President shall present a written report summarizing the year’s business and any policy suggestions. This report shall be read at a joint meeting of the outgoing and incoming Executives.


IX. Amending the Constitution:
1. There shall be two kinds of amendments to the Constitution:
a) Temporary Amendments, valid for one year ending on April 30th. These amendments shall be made for exceptional cases only, when and if, the Coalition is unable to adhere to the clauses of the Constitution. These amendments shall be recorded as “Temporary Amendments to the Constitution for the year ending April 30, 20__.”
b) Constitutional Amendments, made on a permanent basis. These amendments shall be recorded as “Amendments to the Constitution.”

Amendments shall be validated in the following way:
a) All Constitutional Amendments shall be passed by a two-thirds majority of the general membership at the annual general meetings.
b) Temporary Constitutional Amendments shall be enforced in the same year they were passed and only that year.
c) Constitutional Amendments shall be enforced the year after they were passed and thenceforward.

Trevor Spencer Rines – 1992
Paul Templin
Revised -October 2001
Alex Corlazzoli
Matt DesRosiers
Paul Templin
Kaija Robinson

Revised – June 2010
Jameson Glas
Jennifer Collins
Aidan Morishita-Miki

Revised – April 2014
By 2013/14 Executive and Representatives


Revised – April 2015
Kevin Wong
Victoria Beales
Laura Phillips
Coco Lee
Julia Crocco
Gillian Lewis
Doug Floyd
Olivia Miller
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