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Drama Organizing Committee
President: Ben Murchison

Vice President: Mirka Loiselle

Drama Festival Coordinator: James Hyett

Coalition Awards Coordinators: Emma Keil-Vine and Mackenzie Stewart

Communications: Savana James

Treasurer: Leo Morgenstern

Alumni Member: Coco Lee
Staff Advisor: Gillian Lewis
Financial Advisor: Doug Floyd

Society Representatives
Wordsworth Innis New Drama Society (WINDS):
Tian Nie

UTM Drama Club:
Sam Holmes

Victoria College Drama Society (VCDS):
Katie Cohen and Leora Nash

Trinity College Drama Society (TCDS):
Ola Okarmus

St. Michael’s College Troubadours (SMC):
Armon Ghaeinizadeh

University College Follies (UC Follies):
Yimeng Sun and Frank Incer