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Questions? Want to join our mailing list? Email us at: drama.coalition@utoronto.ca

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Drama Organizing Committee
President: Ben Murchison

Vice President: Mirka Loiselle

Drama Festival Coordinator: James Hyett

Coalition Awards Coordinators: Emma Keil-Vine and Mackenzie Stewart

Communications: Savana James

Treasurer: Leo Morgenstern

Alumni Member: Coco Lee
Staff Advisor: Gillian Lewis
Financial Advisor: Doug Floyd

Society Representatives
Wordsworth Innis New Drama Society (WINDS): winds.executive@gmail.com
Tian Nie

UTM Drama Club: utmdramaclub@utoronto.ca
Sam Holmes

Victoria College Drama Society (VCDS): communications@vcds.ca
Katie Cohen and Leora Nash

Trinity College Drama Society (TCDS): trinity.dramatic.society@gmail.com
Ola Okarmus

St. Michael’s College Troubadours (SMC):
Armon Ghaeinizadeh

University College Follies (UC Follies):  ucfollies.exec@gmail.com
Yimeng Sun and Frank Incer


5 Responses

  • Petya Pisan says:

    Dear Mr. Jameson Glas,
    I would like to request information on the drama club. I am intersted in joining a drama club for non experienced students. I am a mature student and have always had a passion for drama.
    Thanking you in advance for your reply,
    I received your contact information from Jeramy at the Hart House.

  • Karen says:

    Dear Mr. Jameson Glas,

    I would like to request information on the drama club. I am interested in volunteering for a play/show and would like to gain experience.

    I have little knowledge of drama but would like to gain more.
    Thank You,


  • drama_jen says:

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for your interest! Send us an email and join our mailing list. We don’t run events over the summer, but be sure to check back in the fall!

    The UofT Drama Coalition

  • zilan ghaleb mohamad says:


    I would like to be added to your mailing list as i’m interested in joining a drama club.

    Thank you,


  • drama_jen says:

    Hello Zilan,

    thank you so much for your interest! You will be added to our mailing list!

    -The Drama Coalition

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