U of T’s Drama Hub


Organizing Committee:
President: Liz McLoughlin
Vice President: Victoria Beales
Drama Festival Coordinator: Mirka Loiselle
Coalition Awards Coordinators: Olivia Miller and Ben Murchison
Communications: Emma Keil-Vine and Stephanie Zeit
Alumni Member: Coco Lee
Staff Advisor: Gillian Lewis
Financial Advisor: Doug Flyod

Society Representatives:
St. Michael’s College Troubadours (SMC): Julia Orsini and Gianni Sallese
Trinity College Drama Society (TCDS): Braden Kenny and Rhiannon Langford
University College Follies (UC Follies): Olivia Joiner and Noa Katz
UTM Drama Club: Kushagra Sinha and Keira Wieting
UTSC Drama Society: Christy Chan and Robyn Chan
Victoria College Drama Society (VCDS): Katie Cohen and Maya Wong
Wordsworth Innis New Drama Society (WINDS): Savana James and Mack Stewart

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