Shows & Schedule

Here is the official list of the 2014 Drama Festival Shows! (in schedule order)              

Wednesday, February 12th

Some Counterspace                                                                                                              UTM Drama Society                                                                                                                           By Madeleine Brown, Directed By Laura McCallum                                                                      A man and a woman make scrambled eggs. What sounds simple enough turns into a night of spattered egg, fried butter and the art of “plating” as this pair put their love of food and for each other to the test.

St. Genesius’s Drama Society (SMC)                                                                                               Written & Directed By Michael Marshall
Hopscotch is a black comedy exploring the facets of existence and massive cockups. Comparable to ordering a winter jacket and discovering, after the fact, it comes with Nazi paraphernalia, our two unfortunates awaken to the cold light of morning and the illumination of mistakes long past – by about eight hours. Whether laughter or a deep sense of foreboding hopefully Hopscotch will evoke some sort of emotional response…perhaps, if we’re lucky.

The Broadleaf Plays                                                                                                       Trinity College Dramatic Society (TCDS)                                                                              Written & Directed By Kevin Wong & Nathaniel Rose                                                                  A new interactive, experimental theatre experience exploring & surrounding issues of the environment, from various Canadian perspectives.

Thursday, February 13th

The Session
UC Follies                                                                                                                                               By Jane Smythe, Directed By Deborah Lim
A 21 year old woman struggles with a horrific memory from her past. She seeks to understand more about this memory channeling her 13 year old self in the process. A male character appears in her past and present doubling as her rapist and therapist. She speaks with her therapist about her trauma caused by the rape that occured when she is 13 years old and how it translates to how it effects her when she is 21 years old. These are experienced through a series of devised movement pieces and slam poetry written in conjunction and non-conjunction with this play.

Ark in the Inferno of Giants,Surrender Against the Earth                                          Trinity College Dramatic Society (TCDS)                                                                                        By Eli Fox, Directed by Carter West                                                                                                 In the womb of eternity lives the Obadiah family, rulers of “Obadiah’s Chicken and Cream Soda,” a company renowned for its scrumptious fried chicken as well as its totalitarian governance over Earth. Each year they host the customary charade of a waltz to anoint their new CEO. Tonight’s waltz, eternity changes. Brace yourselves kids.

Friday, February 14th 

Mrs. Mama’s House
UTM Drama Society                                                                                                                            By Nathaniel Kingham, Directed By Larissa Crawley                                                                   There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do; She gave them some broth without any bread; Then whipped them all soundly and put them to bed.

The Meeting With God
UC Follies                                                                                                                                               By Eli Fox, Directed By Joel Chico                                                                                             These are exciting times for our hero, Billy-boy Lewis. A job interview with God is only the beginning to his odyssey through the after-life. Destination? The end of the universe.

In the Days that Follow
St. Genesius’s Drama Society (St. Mike’s)
By Kate Uniacke, Directed By Maeve Sharkey
Explore the ways the human mind can turn on itself and the lengths to which it can be pushed before it falls apart completely. Following an unknown cataclysmic event, Ava becomes the last surviving member of the human race. The play follows her as she struggles both with the ghosts of her past, and her complete decent into madness.

Saturday, February 15th

UTM Drama Society                                                                                                                            By Nicholas Potter, Directed by Megan O’Kelly                                                                     Francis scours the subway station trash bin for lotto tickets, and Davey watches the trains get devoured by the dark tunnels. Aurora discovers her divine calling in the station, and André follows her, calling her divine. Francis plays with these subway intruders as they struggle to find their doors of opportunity and whether or not to open them.

They Just Didn’t See                                                                                                        Victoria College Drama Society (VCDS)                                                                                       Written & Directed By Nathaniel Rose                                                                                        Four single guys have been recently transferred to the same office branch and are trying to overcome their inability to ask out and even talk to the one woman who works there. This light comedy focuses on the somewhat tense, and awkward relationships between the four guys. It explores people’s hopes and dreams and the great lengths some go to thinking about following them, without actually taking the courage to follow them in the end.

A Killer Story
Hart House Players                                                                                                                              By Jake Howell, Directed by Robin Taylor Wright
The stakes are high in this dark comedy, when a group of gangsters gather to gamble their most precious assets – their stories!