2015 – 2016 Season


Directed by Jeffery Harrison Kennes

Evita portrays the life of Argentine political leader Eva Peron, the second wife of Argentinian president Juan Peron. The story follows Evita from her early life, her rise to power and charity work.

Show Dates:
February 4-6, 8pm

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God of Carnage

Directed by Ben Murchison

A playground fight between two eleven year old boys brings together two sets of New York parents for a meeting to resolve the matter. At first diplomatic niceties are observed but as the meeting continues, rum flows, tensions increase, and petals fly. This leaves the couples with more than just their contrasting principles in tatters.

Show Dates:
January 21-23, 8pm

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I Get if From You

Directed by Grace Phan and Ashlee Churchill

Jack and Kate are a young and successful Toronto couple. When their sixteen-year-old son runs away just as the city is thrown into chaos, it’s up to them to bring him home.

Show Dates:
January 20-23, 8pm

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Legally Blonde: the Musical


Directed by Cierra Walker

“LEGALLY BLONDE is such a hilarious and sincere show, and the narrative is definitely glued together by female empowerment. Strong female friendship and support is at its core, but played in a light-hearted fashion. I want to bring a fresh new look to Elle Woods, her sorority sisters, and the Harvard Law students (who aren’t unlike our own UofT students). LEGALLY BLONDE is typically still set in 2001, but due to the themes, references, and jokes that still hold years later, I think Elle and all the memorable characters will thrive in a fresh, clear cut 2015 setting.” – Cierra Walker, director

Show Dates:
November 27-28
December 3-5

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Our Town


Directed by Stephen Lubin

Director Stephen Lubin stages a touching rendition of Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play. Meta-theatrical and humorous while also being romantic and deeply affecting, Wilder’s classic work is brought to life by a stellar ensemble cast and moulded by Lubin’s deep love and respect for the source material.

Show Dates:
December 3-5, 8pm
December 5, 2pm

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The Actor’s Nightmare and Sister Mary Ignatius Explains it All for You


Directed by Mirka Loiselle

The Actorʼs Nightmare & Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All to You is a double feature of two one-act absurdist comedies written by Christopher Durang. In The Actor’s Nightmare, we meet George Spelvin, a bewildered accountant who finds himself inexplicably thrust onstage and expected to perform in a variety of plays he has no recollection of rehearsing. In Sister Mary Ignatius, the titular character’s sunday school-style lecture is interrupted by the arrival of four of her past students, who have grown-up severely damaged by her dogmatic teachings. Startling, hilarious, and puzzling, both plays are guaranteed to leave you entertained… while also slightly unsettled by the feeling that some serious truths have been told amid the laughter.

Show Dates:
November 18-21

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Speak Truth to Power: Voices from Beyond the Dark


Directed by Maxim Basu and Jacqueline Siu

A moving and vital adaptation of Kerry Kennedy’s book, this chamber production of Ariel Dorfman’s play SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER: VOICES FROM BEYOND THE DARK details the true stories of a variety of human rights defenders. Maxim Basu and Jacqueline Siuco­ direct a show which is international in scope but which uses inventive, minimalist staging to illuminate these subjects’ engagement with injustice in a manner that is intimate, provocative, and ultimately hopeful.

Show Dates:
November 12-14

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UTSC One Act Play Festival

“Missed Connection”
Written/ Directed by Jazmine Scott

“Bank Robbery”
Written by Eitan the Writer/ Directed by Ameena Iqbal

“Last Man on Earth”
Written by Eitan the Writer/ Directed by Grace Phan

“Stories from the Pound”
Written by Eitan the Writer/ Directed by Maura Scollard

Show Dates:
November 11-14

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Evening of the Dead


Directed by Joey Condello

After a successful debut as part of UC Follies’ submission to the University of Toronto Drama Festival 2015 at the prestigious Hart House Theatre, we bring you a one night remount of EVENING OF THE DEAD!

Perfect for Halloween entertainment, UC Follies is partnering with UCLit this season to bring you this special performance! Our remount of this apocalyptic adventure (full of zombies) will take place on October 29th Thursday 7pm in the Junior Common Room at University College.

Show Dates:
October 29

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Trojan Barbie


Directed by Veronika Gribanova

Part contemporary drama, part homage to Euripides’ Trojan Women, this award-winning play blends myth and modern-day warfare. Past and present violently collide when Lotte, an English tourist, is captured while on a singles tour of current-day Troy and flung back into the ancient women’s prisoner-of-war camps. There she encounters Hecuba, Cassandra, Polyxena, Andromache, Menelaus, and Helen of Troy, as well as other legendary characters who have been given new life in a world that is neither in the past nor the present.

Poetic, compassionate, and tinged with great warmth and humour, Trojan Barbie is an epic yet modern war story with a most unlikely heroine. This play recasts the fall of Troy against the vivid reality of contemporary warfare. Trojan Barbie combines ancient Greek drama and modern malaise, sex and death, beauty and power, grief and rage. Moreover, this play tells an engrossing story about women and their crucial place in both the past and present. It depicts a part of history that has too often been ignored; moreover, it re-imagines this history and brings it into our modern world an extraordinary new way.

Show Dates:
October 29-31

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Winter’s Tale


Directed by Anthony Botelho

The Winter’s Tale is one of Shakespeare’s late Romances, a diptych with tragic and comedic elements. The first half of the play follows Leontes, King of Sicilia, who suspects his queen of an affair contrary to any evidence. Tragedy ensues as Leontes pushes his family to the limit and loses all he holds dear in one fell swoop. Sixteen years later we are transported to a tale of forbidden love. The prince of Bohemia and Leontes’ lost daughter must escape their fate, and the two flee to Sicilia where all is revealed and reconciled. Part psychological tragedy and part pastoral comedy, the play takes its place as one of Shakespeare’s most beautiful works.

Show Dates:
October 1 – 3 – 8:00 PM

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Directed by Dorcas Chiu

Agamemnon chronics a King returning home after ten years of war, only to find that his Queen is harboring a vengeful secret. This new adaptation directed by Dorcas Chiu explores the visceral poetry through movement and projections.

Show Dates:
September 24-26 – 8:30 PM

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Directed by Liz McLoughlin

This innovative and minimalist rendition of Aristophanes’ classic “battle of the sexes” comedy both entertains and provokes discussion about conceptions of gender and sexuality in both the classical and modern age.

Show Dates:
September 18 – 7:00 PM
September 19-20 – 2:00 P?

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