2014-2015 Season

TCDS Presents: The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee














Six spellers, one dream… TO WIN the Putnam County Spelling Bee. Join the TCDS for a musical experience of 6 young children entered into a spelling bee, presided over by a neurotic vice principle and past winner. Moving in and out of reality, the audience is taken on a journey of hysterical self discovery of each participant. Each performance promises to be unique, featuring audience volunteer spellers, improv and who knows, maybe divine intervention as well. Join us for a musical experience you will NOT forget.


SMC Troubabdours Present: The Possessed 



Young nobleman Nikolai Stavrogin is universally loved and admired, but seems to have no passions or ambitions. His friend Pyotr, on the other hand, has hatched a plan of political upheaval, but needs a charismatic figurehead to lead his new movement, and believes Nikolai is the only one who could do.

As the play goes on, the details of Pyotr’s revolutionary scheme become more sinister, Nikolai’s internal conflict becomes more violent, and soon everything and everyone is drawn toward a predictably disastrous outcome.


WolfPAC Presents: Bare: A Pop Opera 


“Bare: A Pop Opera” is a modern rock musical about a group of seniors at a Catholic boarding school. They struggle to come to terms with their identities as they feel the pressure of the Church and their peers.


VCDS Presents: Company 


With music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, “Company” follows Bobby, a bachelor unable to fully commit to a relationship, with his married best friends, and his three girlfriends as they celebrate his 35th birthday. In a series of vignettes, the musical explores the meaning of being in a relationship, love, and commitment. 


UTM Drama Club Presents: Antigone 



Antigone, daughter of Oedipus, belongs to a bloodline whose inescapable fate damns them to lives of tragedy. Antigone’s two brothers, Polynices and Eteocles, have been murdered while attempting to revolt against the crown. Antigone’s uncle, King Creon has declared that Polynices’ body be left to rot without proper burial rites. Fearing for the safety of her brother’s soul, she disobeys Creon’s direct order and takes matters into her own hands. 





SMC Troubadours Present: Fiddler on the Roof 











Winner of Tony Award for Best Musical. When Tevye’s eldest daughter, Tzeitel, begs him to let her marry a poor tailor rather than the middle-aged butcher that he has already chosen for her, Tevye must choose between his own daughter’s happiness & those beloved traditions that keep the outside world at bay.  Meanwhile, there are other forces at work in Anatevka – dangerous forces which threaten to destroy the very life he is trying to preserve.


VCDS Presents: Abandoned City 



Abandoned City is a new piece of devised theatre which employs music, movement, miniatures, puppetry and more to explore three distinct worlds – one floating, one adrift, and one burrowed.






Broadleaf Theatre is Toronto’s first environmental theatre-company producing works solely based on Canadian environmental issues. Broadleaf Theatre’s first production “The Broadleaf Plays” was the winner of the Best Production Award at the 2014 U of T Drama Festival. More info on Broadleaf Theatre can be found here:https://www.facebook.com/BroadleafTheatre.


UTSC Drama Society Presents: Sucker 



When Jamie and Beth’s parents are tragically crushed by an Aston Martin that falls from the sky, they, and many other eccentric characters go on a journey of healing.  A new play written by award-winning playwright and the Artistic Director of Theatre Brouhaha, Kat Sandler.






WolfPAC Presents: The Miser

miser What do you do when your own father won’t let you be with the one you love?

You stop him of course.

Harpagon will stop at nothing to amass more wealth, using his own children as mere tools towards this gain. He loves nothing and no one more than his chest of coins, a fact all too apparent to his Élise and Cléante.

But things don’t always go as this miserly old man plans, as his children and the ones they love won’t bow down to his demands, and they use their one day of loving freedom to bring him down.


TCDS Presents: Twelve Angry Jurors

















The story of a 19-year-old boy on trial for the fatal stabbing of his father, whom 12 jurors must either set free, or sentence to the death penalty. While most of the jurors believe that the case is open and shut, and call for a guilty verdict, one man believes in the boy’s innocence. As this one juror opens the others’ eyes to the facts, each juror begins to reveal his or her own character and prejudices. Testimonies are re-examined, the murder is re-enacted, and tempers flare as the jurors begin to take sides, acting out tense and dynamic scenes that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.


UC Follies Present: A Streetcar Named Desire 


Set after World War Two in the French Quarter of New Orleans, the play follows Blanche DuBois as she visits her sister, Stella. Friction develops between Blanche and Stella’s husband, Stanley Kowalski, as the secrets of her past catch up with her.  The iconic movement from melodrama to dramatic naturalism displays the struggles of the past. A landslide effect for all characters is present in this play, as physical, emotional, and social struggles lead to a tragic confrontation. December 4th – 6th


TCDS Presents: The Third Story                                                                                              10405235_302354233299138_1418119026012732251_n














In the 1940’s, in a quaint Nebraskan home, hardboiled and out of luck screenwriter Peg tries to convince her burnout son Drew to collaborate on one last screenplay. At the same time, the film in their imagination unfolds before us. Part film noir and part sci-fi schlock, the story eventually becomes a genre-confused romp with gangsters, zombies, clones, and the kitchen sink. All the while, we become privy to a third story; the Russian fairly tale that Peg would tell Drew as a child.  Inspired by the story, and by their own lives, Peg and Drew try their best to finish the movie and to mend their fractured relationship.


UTSC’s One Act Showcase

UTSC Dramatic Society is presenting 5 new plays written, directed, and starring talented UTSC students. Each night of the showcase all 5 plays will be presented to audiences in a cycle.

one act

Project Poseidon                              by James Lord Parker

Swimming in Watercolours
written and directed by Saba Akhtar

Destination                                    by Cody McLenon

Maybe Sam Sheppard should talk to his Dad                                 by Jacob T Free                                                                                         Post-Secondary                               by John Rowntree
UC Follies Presents: Les Enfants Terribles 


A brother and sister cut off from adult society live in a fantasy created from found objects, cruel games, and imaginary tales. Explored through live projection and puppetry, this multi-media production invites the audience into the children’s bedroom, and the secret world that it withholds.

Dates: Thursday, November 13th- Saturday 15th at 8:00 pm

Location:  University College Junior Common Room || 15 King’s College Circle

This season, UC Follies is investigating how the modern inundation of external environments can shape our perspective, and complicate the line between reality and imagination. Through these investigations, we hope to raise awareness about mental and emotional health.

WolfPAC Presents: The Government Inspector 


Dates: Thursday, November 13th – Saturday, November 15th at 9:00 pm

Christopher Shackleton [The Governor]
Madeleine Swinkin [Anna, his wife]
Megan Walters [Marya, his daughter]
Jeremy Gralla [The Judge]
Angela Sun [The Director of Charities]
Melissa Anne Fearon [The Inspector of Schools]
Thierry Mubirigi [The Postmaster]
Lawrence Zhang [Dobchinsky, a squire]
Rion Chow [Bobchinksy, a squire]
Ela Alphonsus [A Merchant]
Priya Kaur [Korobkin, royalty]
Deandra Neretlis [Mishka, a servant]
Erum Syeda [Ensemble]
Chelsea D.h Dab Hilke [Ivan Aleksandrovich Khlestakov]
Marie Trotter [Osip]

Director – Shak Haq
Assistant Director – Liz McLoughlin
Costume Designer – Jan Venus
Assistant Costume Design – Vidhya Elango
Props Design – Kenzia Dalie
Commedia dell’arte Artistic Consultant – Sally Nakazi
Mask Design Consultant – Noa Katz
Language Consultant (Russian) – Emma Burns
Cellist – Bence Linder


VCDS Presents: Nine 


Dates: Thursday October 30th – Saturday November 1st, at 8:00 pm

Location: Isabel Bader Theater

Based on Frederico Fellini’s beloved film “8 1/2”, the musical “Nine” follows famous Italian film director Guido Contini as he struggles to find inspiration for his next film. To do so, he looks to the nine strong and dynamic women who have influenced him over the course of his career, and learns that they will not conform to his vision of the world. At its heart, Nine is both an exploration of both human interaction and the creative process itself.


The UC Follies & The University College Literary and Athletic Society Present: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast 


Presented by The UC Follies and The University College Literary and Athletic Society, THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW SHADOW CAST will be an interactive performance of the 1975 Cult Classic!We are proud to announce that all proceeds will go towards SKETCH, a charity which provides Arts initiatives, opportunities, and spaces to street-involved and homeless youth. For more info on SKETCH, check out http://sketch.ca/

Dress Code: Halloween (or whatever you want)

-Doors open at 8:00pm, where FOOD, POPCORN, and a CASH BAR will be provided. Dress up in your favourite Rocky Horror get-up, as there will be a COSTUME CONTEST, and you can WIN SOME AWESOME PRIZES.
-The Show starts at 9pm, so don’t be late!

Whether you are a Rocky aficionado or are new to the experience, all are welcome to do the Time Warp!


VCDS Presents: The Garden Party 

garden party


VCDS 2014-2015 season opens with an outdoor production of The Garden Party, a satire wrtiten by Vaclav Havel, directed by David Kitai. BYOB-Bring Your Own Blanket!

Dates: Thursday, October 2nd – Saturday October 4th, 7:00 pm

Location: Victoria College Quad


TCDS Presents: A Midsummer Night’s Dream 


Dates:  Thursday, October 2nd & Friday October 3rd – 8:00 PM

Pre-show starts at 7:30.

Location: Trinity College Quad (6 Hoskins Avenue)

About: Directors Travis DeWolf and Liz Laywine explore the multiple storylines of William Shakespeare’s most beloved comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream in a new production that embraces a wide variety of artistic mediums including  poetry, dance, shadow puppetry, and newly devised scenes which will be combined with the original text of the play.

Follow characters, reveal secrets, and discover the story and the world of the play like never before in this “choose your own adventure” format. This show breaks down the convention of the silent, static spectator sitting in a dark room, as audience will be given the opportunity to view the performance at their own pace, ask questions, and in some cases become involved in the action of the show, directly influencing responses from performers.

(Poster by Cameron Jones)

Woyzeck: An Examination on Mental Health

Directed by Jane Smythe
Written by Georg Büchner, trans. Victor Price

To kick off the their season of exploring identity performance, the UC Follies presents Woyzeck, by German playwright Georg Büchner, translated by Victor Price. Woyzeck is the influential story of a distraught soldier oppressed by his class and social conditions. Written in 1836 but performed in 1913, Woyzeck offers layering commentaries on the fragile human psyche and the inadequacy of clinical trials. In order to make money to support his wife, Marie, Woyzeck performs jobs for his Captain as well as taking part in a torturous medical experiment for the Doctor. As part of the experiment, Woyzeck is forced to eat nothing but peas. We witness his escalation to a desperate attempt to hold onto his mind.


“Produced by the UC Follies in the historical outdoor venue of the University College Quadrangle, Woyzeck is set during ‘outdoor time’ at a 1960s mental health institution, a time when such health care was on the breach of modernity. It will be presented by a 5 part, all female ensemble putting on a play for their visiting loved ones. Using movement and different mediums of art, Georg Büchner’s play raises relevant concerns of the harsh and cyclical reality of mental illness and its effect on arts workers. The emphasis of such central themes seek to lift the stigma that surrounds mental health in a modern age.” Jane Smythe, Director.


                                                                                        Show Dates:                                                                                                                              September 17, 18, 19 at 7:30pm                                                                                                     September 25, 26, 27 at 7:30pm