U of T’s Drama Hub

Welcome to the Drama Coalition

The Drama Coalition organizes events and builds community through performance groups across multiple U of T campuses.  The main focus is to create community between all societies and other dramatic groups producing seasons on campus.  By being the unifying element between groups our goal is to share resources, help promote campus theatre and opportunities for students to get involved.  They also produce two big events each year:

  • The U of T Drama Festival is an annual one act festival produced by the U of T Drama Coalition that will be going into its 24th year in 2016.  This year also marks the 15th Drama Festival of only accepting original student written plays, serving as a much needed showcase for talented U of T playwrights.
  • The Annual Drama Coalition Awards night will be going into its fifth year in 2016. All UofT Drama Coalition recognized productions, including submissions in the U of T Drama Festival, are produced by students who volunteer their time outside of the classroom. This Awards ceremony is the only tri-campus recognizition of student theatre at UofT.


UPCOMING EVENT: Drama Coalition Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, April 13, 7pm

Hart House Theatre

It’s time for the UTDC Annual General Meeting and Elections for next year’s Organizing Committee!

To clarify, ALL members of the Drama Coalition are welcome to attend this meeting, particularly if you would like to discuss amendments to our constitution, festival rules, or awards categories. As per our Constitution, voting for the position of President is restricted to current Coaliton executives, and this voting will take place immediately prior to the general meeting. Any member is welcome to run for a position on the Organizing Committee, and information about applications can be found below.

Current open positions:

A. President (First priority for current Drama Coalition executive members) – The President shall act as Chairperson of all meetings and shall have the power to vote on any motion or in any election only in the case of a tied vote. The President will organize executive meetings, act as a direct liaison between the Coalition and Hart House Theatre, and delegate duties as needed.

B. Vice President – The Vice President shall serve as supprt for the President, aiding in the delegation of tasks, and serving as a secondary chairperson if needed. The Vice President may also serve in a Treasurer capacity if needed.

C. Festival Coordinators (1 or 2) – The Festival Coordinator(s) are jointly responsible for monitoring the Rules and Regulations of the Drama Festival, determining its schedule and play order, and proper delegation of tasks to corresponding subcommittees.
In addition, they are jointly responsible for the organization of the Festival Workshop.

D. Awards Coordinator (1 or 2) – The Awards Coordinator(s) are jointly responsible for monitoring the Rules and Regulations of the Drama Coalition Awards, coordinating voting meetings and procedures, ensuring eligibility of nominees, and coordinating the event itself.

E. Communications Coordinator (1 or 2) – The Communications Coordinator(s) are responsible for the maintainence of all social media accounts, taking meeting minutes, maintaining the Drama Coalition website, and drafting and sending all newsletter or email communication to the wider membership of the Coalition.

F. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall be in charge of the management of the Coalition’s finances. They shall work with Hart House Theatre to manage a budget, as well as acting as an additional member-at-large on the Organizing Committee. This position may be held by either the President or Vice President if no individual is elected to the position.

G. Alumni Advisor – The Alumni Advisor is a position to be held by an alumni of the Drama Coalition, who has served on the executive before, and who has either graduated from the University, or is enrolled in post-graduate studies.

In an email to drama.coalition@utoronto.ca (cc: lizq14@gmail.com) please send in the following information by 11:59pm on April 12th:

1) Outline your current and past involvement with the drama community at U of T. This can be in the form of a bulleted list, or an artistic resume focusing on U of T campus theatre.
2) What role are you applying for and why?
3) What would you do similarly or differently as a member of the Organizing Committee next year?
4) If you are not elected to your position of choice, what would be your second choice? Please provide a statement regarding this second choice, similar to your answer to Question 1 above.
5) Can you attend the DC Meeting on Wednesday April 13th at 6pm?